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These are key to the success for any business. Uplevel Lifestyle Products offer you an antidote and opportunity to change your lifestyle.


Based on teachings, trainings and experience of Dr Pool and other global thought- leaders, they provide EVERYTHING that you will need, to grow a limitlessly successful business.



UL COST $2,500 (Pay in Full)   


          $2,800 (Payment Plan)                  

UPLEVEL LIFESTYLE - artwork UL2 Box.jpg

    UL2 COST $5000 (Pay in Full)         

         $5,600 (Payment Plan)                          


ULC COST $6500 (Pay in Full)

  $7400 (Payment Plan)

UL1 - Becoming a Digital Entrepreneur AND thinking like a multi-millionaire

The product is comprised of DETAILED ADVANCED TRAINING PROGRAMS providing step-by-step training and mentorship and hand-holding, ensuring that the Consultant’s online businesses are set up robustly and efficiently, as fully operational, easily managed ‘mean, lean business machines’.

 With constant hand-holding, clients will never be left alone but will enjoy being part of an active, caring business family made up of people from all over the world who are dedicated to empowering and nurturing each other to their highest level of individual success.

No matter the Consultant’s level of digital ‘know how’ and background, anyone will have the required support, access to mentoring and guidance, to build successful business operations, without experiencing related pressure or overwhelm.  

The programs are designed in a pre-determined sequence, which allows business owners to work timeously and thoroughly, building their online business operations.   They will be building comprehensive operations around which all the communication systems, lead generation, prospecting, marketing, administration, sales generation, client invoicing & collection of payments can be undertaken efficiently with clients from all over the world.    This will be achieved against a background of applying different sales strategies.

You will be encouraged and taught to work mainly from your smart phone so that your business life is flexible and can be run from any location in the world.

Together with the online training and mentorship, it is intended to have your successful business up and running and producing income within the first 4 months of being an Uplevel Lifestyle Success Consultant.

The Consultants are able to follow their own time-table, which encourages proper understanding of all the integrated elements, before progressing happily through the relevant modules. 

Training and teachings are in addition delivered with the aid of detailed videos, worksheets, hack sheets and audio apps.  There are two weekly live stream ‘Question and Answer’ Forums which takes the format of active participant discussion with Dr Pool.   This provides essential opportunity for ALL participants to have equal and direct access to Spencer’s mentoring and allow all to contribute and express themselves in a safe and trusted environment.


However, the mentoring also extends into the everyday, where Team Mentors provide ‘on hand’ assistance to others newly in the business.   Great importance and value is placed on providing the Consultant’s with the most supportive, empowering and nurturing communal environment, where they will always be encouraged and given the opportunity to discuss their ideas and provide their individual personal expertise to the greater Uplevel Lifestyle business ‘family’.


The above programs are built and developed around the fundamentals taught in UL1.  Once proof of concept has been established and you are earning consistent income, we begin to introduce and teach you how to apply these skills across other platforms. The foundations will have been laid and would be working seamlessly in all departments- viz prospecting organically, proficiency in sales & marketing techniques will be understood and practiced, business operations will be fully functional and the business will be gearing up. 


Strong mindset will be developed and awareness created to think like a successful entrepreneur and business leader and there will be greater awareness of thinking into results.   It is in this longer programme that we begin to scale the business to expand by reaching more people where other sales and marketing strategies are deployed to scale up.

Additional Experts are now introduced to the program in their areas of exercise, nutrition and functional medicine.   Every part of your lifestyle becomes ‘Uplevelled’ to a superior version.   

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The material for the above is interwoven in the UL2 program with practical and theoretical instruction, training and will be awarded on the knowledge and expertise that has been collected by the Consultant during this period.

Progressive training and development will continue indefinitely as Consultant’s become leaders, guiding and mentoring others as they build highly functioning, successful and flourishing businesses.

As new technologies are discovered, new online business applications   become mainstream, Uplevel Lifestyle will continue to serve & provide as an exciting business vehicle to achieve continued levels of success as it continually builds and grows for the future.

The Products are Training for Life.

*ULC is a combination of UL1 & UL2

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The Man on a Mission with a Vision


Spencer trained as a medical doctor in South Africa.  It was apparent as a youth that he was passionate about helping people.   It is reported by his parents that he could never walk by a beggar without seeing that they had food.  


Whilst practicing in London as a young Trauma doctor,  his entrepreneurial

side became evident when he spotted a gap in the market and built a multi million pound recruitment company for healthcare workers.   He also became involved in other medical business ventures.


With the birth of his eldest son he experienced the power of positive thinking and the mind when he his son was critically ill as a newborn. After his son miraculously recovered, this drove him eventually to make the decision to make the transition into neurolinguistic therapy and to continue his passion of helping people who were healthy, maintain mental and physical wellness.  He wanted to develop a symbioses of these two areas and believes that by practising to be your best version in all aspects of your life, this brings about better lifestyle, health and happiness.

He has been mentored by Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone but more specifically, Bob Proctor.  Proctor’s teachings made a huge impact on his thinking as they profoundly improved his results.   Within 3 months Spencer became one of Proctor Gallagher’s top world consultants and part of his Inner Circle.   This broadened Spencer’s experience and knowledge SIGNIFICANTLY.   


It was whilst coaching Doctors and other Medical Professions in moving into new careers, that spencer also observed the challenges that Coaches have in building businesses of their own and creating good, consistent cash flow.  


He also understood the challenges that other ‘entrepreneurials’ were having in building online businesses.   The interest in these type of businesses was growing hugely because of the global Pandemic.   But again, they were faced with the challenge of not knowing how to build such companies and what product was going to be in global demand.


He saw an opportunity to build the UPLEVEL LIFESTYLE BUSINESS, by addressing both these issues – providing tech tuition in setting up robust cutting edge online businesses AND identifying the phenomenal growth area of the PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT & WELLNESS INDUSTRIES.  

His leadership style and personal beliefs, are fundamental to the Ethos and the Integrity that is endemic and experienced by the independent business owners who make up the Uplevel Lifestyle Community.    Spencer’s management philosophy is to encourage collaboration across the whole business community, where close interaction, masterminding and support is encouraged amongst the individual consultants and therefore creates the most tightly knit support system.  Knowledge and expertise is shared to mentor and help each other where needed and to most importantly, celebrate each other’s successes as they come about.  This support system is highly appreciated and protected as being quite a unique feature of this business.

With his business, medical and coaching expertise, the business has grown exponentially, is active in all 6 Continents and is represented in over 26 Countries.


Spencer is looking forward to and planning extensive growth in 2022 and I am so grateful and honoured to be able to have an extensive global business family and to benefit from being a Success Consultant in this business.

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