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My Background

I’m Brens Lloyd an entrepreneur, mentor and coach who is driven and passionate about showing entrepreneurial people like you, how to grow a global online business that EXCEEDS all of your lifestyle requirements.


I have worked across many industries and have lived in 3 countries. I have experienced being employed and running my own business.   At the age of 65 (just pre Covid) I was looking for change.   Although I loved the stimulation of running & owning a successful jewellery outlet in the Fashionable East end of London, I was ready for change – to be less time committed; did not want the responsibility of running a traditional business with all the overheads that it entails) and wanted some thing that was fully portable so that I could work from anywhere in the world, as I visited family and friends.


I didn’t want to play around earning small amounts as I was needing to prop up my ‘pension pot’. I still had the skills, energy and wherewithal to play big and wasn’t ready to fade into a beige existence!

I knew that online was the place to look, but I did NOT want to be in an MLM or Crypto.

It was then when I reconnected with Dr Spencer Pool (whom I had business dealings with in the early 2000’s) and took him on as a mentor & coach. When he launched the business he invited me to be his first Success Consultant.


I have never looked back!   This business has not only provided me with an incredibly lucrative financial solution and ability to build generational wealth, in a small amount of time, but it has allowed me to grow significantly in my personal capacity.  This was so important to me.  Because I had made an INVESTMENT in ME and my own PERSONAL GROWTH.  I have built confidence, broken down fear barriers, have a new global business family & helped so many others to success, underpinned with an important ETHOS OF INTEGRITY. I work to MY OWN SCHEDULE!  


I am able to enjoy being a Gran by indulging my grandchildren, treating and helping my family, upskilling and building 100- fold on all my previous skills and expertise when it comes to understanding and believing that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU PUT YOUR MIND (IN THE RIGHT WAY) TO IT! 


It is a BUSINESS FOR LIFE! I look toward the rest of my life, having a LIFESTYLE OF MY CHOOSING – being able to make the BIG CHOICES that suit me!

How I can help you.

I work with Dr Spencer Pool, who launched the Uplevel Lifestyle business around some key criteria – because there was a requirement to provide coaches and other entrepreneurs with a business model providing leverage, concerning time and money.

People who re typically drawn to our business are looking to change their circumstances, be on purpose and to experience their own personal development on a higher level.  They are driven and care about others and want to help others to achieve the same.

You will be introduced to a business of heart and soul, purpose and wellbeing. But as a business it is so exciting, as the desire for the product produces quick, lucrative results.  

Following a proven Business model, professional experience and personal mentorship  under Bob Proctor (he is one of Proctor’s most successful coaches and part of his Inner Circle), Spencer designed the Uplevel Lifestyle Business. The  Product and all the required training is geared to teach how to have a millionaire mindset and be successful, by hardwiring focus & desires & action taking, to overcome everything that holds us back from living the limitless life we all want.

The Business, Product, Community and World Class Mentorship, coupled with a roadmap to the limitless personal growth and earning potential, enables people like you who want to live their best life, begin an exciting journey –


AND I am here to walk it with you!

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